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Zettl Photography – St. Louis Photographer bio picture

St. Louis Wedding and Portrait Photographers

2009 & 2010 St. Louis Wedding Awards Winner for Photography

Winner of 8 Accolades of Excellence from WPPI

Best Event Photography - ISES St. Louis Chapter 2011 & 2012

Bride's Choice Award - Wedding Wire 2011 & 2012 

We're proud of the fact that Zettl Photography is one of the most sought after wedding and portrait photography studios in St. Louis.  Hopefully our blog will give you a little insight into our warm but slightly quirky personalities and the style of our photography. 

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Stephanie & Peter - St. Louis wedding and portrait photographers. 

Ashley & Tony | Harry’s Restaurant Reception

What is your favorite photo and why?

Tony-I like the photograph of us standing in the middle of market street.

Ashley-I really like the photograph of us standing where we took all the family photographs behind the church. It was a really nice green space and will make for an amazing print to hang in our house. 

How did you two meet?

Tony and I meet through his brother, Steven. Steven was dating a girl named Leslie who happened to be marching the same winterguard that I was. So when I learned that Leslie was dating a guy with two other brothers I asked her if one was single. Everything seemed to fall into place after we met and went on our first date.

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Favorite Photo of the Day | City Diner ~ St. Louis Photographers

Why we love this photograph:  I’m a sucker for reflections. (You’ll start to notice reflections as a theme as you follow our work.)   City diner windows with a gorgeous couple and reflections of my favorite city (that would be St. Louis, of course) makes for a great photograph.  I really enjoy taking engagement photos.  It’s rewarding to take beautiful lifestyle photographs of a couple in love. 

What do you like about this photograph?  Leave your answer in the comments below.

July 22, 2014 - 11:04 pm Serge Gree - Great shot! Great lighting.

Favorite Photo of the Day | Anticipated Kiss ~ St. Louis Photographers


Why we love this photograph:  Part of being a good photographer is watching your subjects and anticipating their movements and actions.  Zach and Stacy were very loving and very comfortable in sharing their affection.  When we stopped off at SqWires in Lafayette Square for a drink between the ceremony and reception, I knew there was the potential for some great images.  We just had to pay attention to those brief fleeting moments of emotion.  It was just a brief kiss before he went to go talk to a few of his friends, but I think this moment really express Zach’s love for his new wife. 

What do you like about this photograph?  Leave your answer in the comments below.

Favorite Photo of the Day | Just Married ~ Photography lighting techniques

Why we love this photograph:  This photograph was made possible because the bride and groom scheduled 20 minutes during their reception to make sure we got some great sunset photos.  We were just heading back to the reception when we took this photograph.  I love the lighting and the clouds in the photo.  The lighting is enhanced by a hidden speedlight inside the golf cart to light the couple.  This allows us to show off the cute decorated golf cart while still creating a great portrait of the couple.

 What do you like about this photograph?  Leave your answer in the comments below. 

Photographers: Want to know how we created this image? Check out our (photography lighting books)(   on to learn all the technical details.

Favorite Photo of the Day | The Kiss ~ St. Louis Photographers

Why we love this photograph:  A slight dip, a gorgeous couple, a passionate kiss, and a unique location made for a dramatic ending photograph for Molly and Adam.  We love black and white wedding photographs and we think this one will always be a timeless image from their wedding. 

 What do you like about this photograph?  Leave your answer in the comments below.

June 3, 2014 - 11:05 am molly - Thank you for this beautiful picture from our wedding! It's one of my favorite but there were also so many more that are absolutely gorgeous! And today is my birthday, how fun to be the photo of the day!